Wolfstrike New Zealand originally started as an Eftpos rentals company, offering short-term rentals to businesses throughout Auckland. However, due to recent organic growth and capital investment, they have quickly become a leader in delivering business technology solutions. Offering their products on month to month payment terms, they have been able to capture the small to medium sized enterprise (SME) market in New Zealand. Making up for 97% of businesses in New Zealand, this market has proven to be a goldmine for Wolfstrike New Zealand and has assisted with their quick progression in the New Zealand marketplace.

The reach of Wolfstrike New Zealand has been constantly expanding, with sales agents now operating nationwide throughout New Zealand. The ability to offer customers face-to-face time with sales agents has increased their closure rates and has further pushed their target marketing capacity. Nevertheless, with an ever expanding product arsenal, Wolfstrike New Zealand have had an equally large increase in the demand for their high-quality low-cost products.

The growth of Wolfstrike New Zealand’s product range has led to the introduction of other technology solutions, such as point of sale systems, CCTV, alarm systems, digital signage and professional website design. The last of these has come about through their work with Digital Conquerors, an Auckland based agency that pride themselves on delivering cheap website design at professional standards. Along with their website design capabilities, Digital Conquerors also has a range of other services including branding, search engine optimisation (SEO), call tracking and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing in the way of Google Adwords and Facebook.

The ability to sell and deliver such new age services has made Digital Conquerors a strong ally to Wolfstrike New Zealand, and there is now belief that they could be merging sales functions. This agreement would allow Wolfstrike New Zealand to deliver a better quality sales service to their customers due to Digital Conquerors in-depth understanding of next-gen products. Along with this, Wolfstrike New Zealand would be working together with an agency that holds a similar long-term vision; to become a personable nationwide company specialising in helping SMEs.

The outlook for Wolfstrike New Zealand is positive and this fact is only further accentuated by creating such mutually beneficial relationships. Delivering a great service from the start of the sales cycle to the signing of a contract is a priority for any business. Wolfstrike New Zealand seem to be aware of this and as such are acting proactively to keep this function as smooth and easy as possible.

For more information about Wolfstrike New Zealand’s new potential sales partners, check out www.digitalconquerors.co.nz